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A rehearsed and polished horn section, suited to any need. We are the one-stop-shop for all your brass necessities!


We specialize in composing/recording horn parts, adapting existing recordings to a live format, and worldwide horn section staffing.  

Organized by Louisiana native Kasey Ball, the KB Horns blend the sizzling style of classic funk and soul with the big brass sound of New Orleans. 

Featuring an array of Louisiana- based musicians, arrangers and composers, we are proud to represent our state! Both on stage and in the studio.

Our founding members are:

Kasey Ball- Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Doug Stone- Tenor Saxophone

Eric Bernhardt- Baritone Saxophone

Maurice Cade- Trombone

Kenny Neal, KB Horns
KB and Maurice.jpg
KB, Maurice and Doug.jpg
Kasey Ball, Recording Studio
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